MX5 Parts NI Are Happy to be supplying Destory Or Die Products!!
It's not just Rallying we love here at MX5 Parts NI, we are big drifting fans too! We've had multiple requests from customers to find parts that help make the mk1,mk2 MX5 chassis more competitive in drifting! We've known about the UK based company Destroy or Die for a while and thought it was about time we reached out to the team about helping supply their products! 

Who are Destroy or Die?

Destroy Or Die is a UK based company developing effective and affordable products for drift cars, specialising in the Mazda MX5 and Nissan S-chassis series.

Like ourselves, Destroy or Die have developed their products through years of competing, prototyping and improving designs! Being involved in the UK Drift scene, they had the best experience to carry out this task and it shows in their final product! 

What Products Do they Supply? 

Adjustable Bottom Arms

Their adjustable bottom control arms allow for camber adjustment seperate from the factory bolts, allowing optimum caster and camber settings. These arms also give a significant wheel clearance increase for improved steering angle!


Front Super Knuckle

These modified front knuckles offer 40mm of roll centre correction eliminating bump steer giving superb control and steering input. Increased steering angle combined with this roll centre correction, allows for faster, high angle drifting!

Front Upper Camber Arms

Additional camber adjustment via the sliding ball joint. Chassis rail clearance to cater for lowered cars avoiding damage to control arm/chassis. The narrow shape gives additional wheel clearance over other upper arms available, Extra room for suspension strut solving the clearance issue commonly suffered after fitting aftermarket suspension. 

Rear Super Knuckles

30mm Roll Centre Correction lowers the centre of gravity along with the roll centre without increasing camber giving superb active suspension dynamics and more even tyre wear. The super knuckle also allows you do run a Dual calliper set up on the rear allowing for additional handbrake calliper!

Rear Upper Camber Arm Set

Additional camber adjustment via the eccentric bolt in the knuckle. Chassis rail clearance to cater for lowered cars avoiding damage to control arm/chassis

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